Registration is open for the US RoadRally Challenge (USRRC)!

The Detroit Region of SCCA is proud to announce that registration for the United States RoadRally Challenge (USRRC) is open!

The RoadRally Challenge is an annual celebration of road rallying, offering three days of terrific rallying for novices and experts alike. The intent of the USRRC is to encourage rallyists of all flavors to come out and enjoy themselves with a set of rallies that are engaging and fun. Rallyists from across the nation come to participate in each year’s USRRC. The USRRC is hosted in turn by the various SCCA regions with active RoadRally programs. This year the Detroit Region will again host the Challenge, as it did back in 2012.

So come Friday, November 13 through Sunday, November 15, rallyists of many stripes, from near and far, will converge upon the USRRC headquarters in Whitmore Lake, midway between Ann Arbor and Brighton. There they will compete in one, two, or all three of the rallies comprising the USRRC – one rally for each of the three days. Registration is online at MotorsportReg – why not head over there right now and register for the rally or rallies of your choice?

Friday’s rally is Hell and Back, put on by rallymaster Scott Harvey Jr. Scott is the rallymaster of the very popular and long running Son of Snow Drift TSD rally. With his long experience and extensive knowledge of rallying Scott always puts on an entertaining run that’s enjoyed by both novices and experts. The rally is a straightforward SCCA Tour event, with clear instructions intended to keep everyone on course. For the points chasers among you, Hell and Back will count towards the SCCA National Tour Rally Championship, and the Great Lakes Division and Detroit Region Championships.

Saturday will find competitors enjoying rallymaster John Kytasty’s Pavement Ends Tour rally. Pavement Ends has been a Region staple, on and off, over the years, and several years ago John took it over to bring it back the calendar once again. Like Hell and Back, Pavement Ends will traverse some of south central Michigan’s tasty back roads while giving participants a scenic, yet challenging, run. And, like Hell and Back, the route instructions will provide clear instructions to keep everybody on course and having fun. Pavement Ends will also count towards the SCCA National Tour Rally Championship, and the Great Lakes Division and Detroit Region Championships.

Sunday Bruce Fisher takes charge with his SCCA Course rally, Are You Territorial? Bruce has been the highly regarded rallymaster for Detroit Region’s legendary Press On Regardless® rally for the past nearly 20 years. This year, in addition to organizing POR, Bruce is putting on this third USRRC rally. Are You Territorial? is a trap rally, wherein the rallymaster will test your ability to follow the course using a set of main road following rules while still staying on time. Just about everyone winds up off course on a Course (trap) rally, so you won’t be alone if that happens to you – it’s just part of the challenge and fun. Bruce’s rally will roughly travel along the path of Territorial Road across south mid-Michigan, providing both a scenic drive and route following challenges along the way. If you’re a puzzle person a trap rally such as Are You Territorial? is worth a try!

So there you have it. Three great rallies, put on by three terrific rallymasters, over three days. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from coming out for this RoadRally extravaganza! The USRRC organizers have worked very hard to ensure that participating in the 2020 USRRC will be as safe as humanly possible. So come join us!