Have you ever wanted to explore the limits of your car in a safe, controlled environment? All you need for autocross is a street-legal car in good working order. Autocross is a sport where drivers compete for the fastest times on a course marked by cones. There is only one car on a section of the course at a time, with courses laid out in open areas with few obstacles. Speeds normally stay under 65mph. As a result, autocross is an excellent way to safely learn car control skills.

COVID-19 Event Guidelines

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Autocross Director
John Li

April 26, 2020Season OpenerMichigan International SpeedwayCanceled
May 18-21, 2020Online Solo SchoolOnlineTBAN/A
May 22-23, 2020Solo SchoolSchoolcraft, Livonia MICanceled
May 24, 2020Memorial Day SoloSchoolcraft, Livonia MICanceled
June 26-28, 2020Test N TuneOscoda Regional Airport, Oscoda, MIRegistrationN/A
July 5, 2020Summer Heat SoloSchoolcraft, Livonia MIRegistrationFinal Results

PAX Results
July 25-26, 2020SVR/DRSCCA Summer SoloOscoda Regional Airport, Oscoda, MIRegistration
July 31-August 2, 2020SCCA Oscoda Pro SoloOscoda Regional Airport, Oscoda, MI
August 9, 2020Dog DazeSchoolcraft, Livonia MIRegistration
August 22-23, 2020Before NationalsOscoda Regional Airport, Oscoda, MIRegistration
September 20, 2020Fall into Autumn SoloSchoolcraft, Livonia MIRegistration
October 4, 2020Autumn Colors SoloSchoolcraft, Livonia MIRegistration
October 18, 2020Season EnderMichigan International SpeedwayRegistration