Have you ever wanted to explore the limits of your car in a safe, controlled environment? All you need for autocross is a street-legal car in good working order. Autocross is a sport where drivers compete for the fastest times on a course marked by cones. There is only one car on a section of the course at a time, with courses laid out in open areas with few obstacles. Speeds normally stay under 65mph. As a result, autocross is an excellent way to safely learn car control skills.

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John Li

April 25, 2021Season OpenerMichigan International Speedway4/25 Final Results

4/25 PAX Results

4/25 Raw Results
May 17-28, 2021Online Solo SchoolOnline
May 29, 2021Solo Practice and Test N TuneSchoolcraft, Livonia MI
May 30, 2021Memorial Day SoloSchoolcraft, Livonia MI5/30 Final Results

5/30 PAX Results

5/30 Raw Results
June 25-27Solo Practice and Test N TuneOscoda Regional Airport, Oscoda, MI
July 3, 2021Summer Heat SoloSchoolcraft, Livonia MI7/3 Final Results

7/3 PAX Results

7/3 Raw Results
July 10-11, 2021SVR/DRSCCA Summer SoloOscoda Regional Airport, Oscoda, MI7/10 Final Results

7/10 PAX Results

7/11 Final Results

7/11 PAX Results
Canceled: July 24-25, 2021Dog Daze SoloAmerican Center for Mobility, Ypsilanti MI
July 30-August 1, 2021SCCA Oscoda Pro SoloOscoda Regional Airport, Oscoda, MIRegistration
Canceled: August TBDVETMotorsports Benefit SoloTBD
August 21-22, 2021Before NationalsOscoda Regional Airport, Oscoda, MIDay 1 Final

Day 1 PAX

Day 1 Raw

Day 2 Final

Day 2 PAX

Day 2 Raw
Canceled: September 11-12, 2021Tire Rack Street Survival + Fall into Autumn SoloAmerican Center for Mobility, Ypsilanti MI
September 26, 2021Autumn Colors SoloSchoolcraft, Livonia MIFinal Results

PAX Results

Raw Results
October 17, 2021Season EnderMichigan International SpeedwayFinal Results

PAX Results

Raw Results