Worker Points

Worker Thumbs Up

The worker points spreadsheet is uploaded each Sunday morning if any adjustments have been made during the preceding week. The worker points have been updated as of May 28, 2024.

Please take a look at how many points you have and plan on using them for entry fees (including the annual banquet), your membership renewal, purchase Detroit Region merchandise or equipment. Each worker point is worth $5.


If you have enough worker points to cover the entire expense of your membership renewal then all you need do is forward the pdf version of your renewal invoice you received from Member Services at headquarters to the Treasurer via email informing them that you want to renew your membership by redeeming worker points. Copy the worker points keeper on the email so they can record your redemption of worker points to begin the process of renewing your membership at the region’s expense.

If you have less than enough worker points available to cover the entire expense of your membership renewal then you’ll need to send your membership renewal form to the treasurer with a note informing him of the number of worker points you want to redeem. You’ll also need to include either a check for the balance of your dues expense or the credit card information to be charged for this expense. The treasurer will contact the worker points keeper once they receive your renewal invoice and note to confirm the number of points you are requesting to redeem. Mail your renewal invoice and note to the region’s P.O. Box to the attention of the Treasurer.

Worker points can be redeemed for equipment and other items offered through Solo Performance Specialties LLC. Here’s a link to their website After you have made your selection and determined the total price of your order, type in Detroit Region in the ‘Search Our Store’ box at the top of the page. Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button for the Detroit Region Worker Points Redemption. Enter the dollar amount of the worker points you want to redeem for your order and add it to your cart. This amount will be deducted from the total expense of your order. SPS will verify with the Pointskeeper (Worker Points) that you have a sufficient number of available worker points to complete the processing of your order.

Worker points can also be redeemed for gear and apparel through SCCA Gear at Simply put the item you want to order into your shopping cart so you know the price. Select ‘Continue Shopping’ and input ‘region worker points’ in the ‘Search’ box on the next page. Then select ‘Redeem Detroit Region Worker Points’ from the drop down box. You’ll need to input your SCCA Member Id and then input the full dollar amount of worker points you want to redeem, not the number of worker points. You will not be able to redeem more than the amount in your shopping cart. Once you’ve done this then you can move on to the billing and shipping information. Once you’ve chosen the shipping method and billing info, you will need to complete the order. You will not be able edit the cart to redeem worker points for the shipping.

If you have questions about worker points contact Steve Balanecki at