Solo Season Points






This page will be used to upload season championship points after every event.

2020 Solo Season Points

There were 8 events in the 2020 season. You must attend 4 events in the same class to qualify for season end points in that class. If you attend more than 4 events in the same class, your best 4 results will be used to calculate your season end points. If there is a tie, the win will be awarded to the driver who participated in the most events. The double tie breaker will be the driver who placed better than the other more times over the course of the season.

Points are determined using the following formula:

Points = 100 – 900 * [(your time – best time in class) / best time in class]

If points are calculated to be less than 20, you are automatically awarded 20 points. This means you are awarded 20 points minimum simply for attending the event.

Season trophies are awarded using the following schedule where the number of drivers is based on those that meet the 4 event minimum requirement:

Drivers  Trophies

1-3            1

4-6            2

7-9            3

10+           4 (+1 for every 3 additional drivers)

Thank you for your participation!