DRSCCA 2024 Shiloff Road Racing Championship Series

DRSCCA 2024 Shiloff Road Racing Championship Series

The Detroit Region is excited to announce the first annual 2024 Shiloff Road Racing Championship Series.  Named in honor of Jerry Shiloff, decades long racer, volunteer, leader and chief steward at WHRRI and DRSCCA.  The series will be a collection of road races in or near the Detroit Region to crown a Detroit champion in each class. Attend any or all of the 6 race weekends.

A championship requires a minimum of 5 race starts at a minimum of 2 different tracks. A race start is defined as the afternoon race and not any morning qualifying/races.  The points from the best 8 finishes count.  Winners will be recognized at the DRSCCA year-end banquet.  The intent is to foster competition among Detroit region members, comparable to the Great Lakes Division (GLD) championship. Racers must register as “SCCA” and not just the WHRRI club registration to be eligible.

The series rules and points chart will mirror the GLD Series.  In addition to the SCCA GCR, the following classes shall be included in the series: CFF, CFC, ITE, SP, SPU, IT7, GTA, S2 many of which are defined by the GLD. Will also include SR-Sports Renault and F5 2-stroke as defined in WHRRI Rules and Regs.

2024 Schedule

Date Location Region Host Format
May 25-26 WHRRI Detroit Double Regional
June 15-16 Grattan Western Michigan Double Regional
July 27-28 Gingerman South Bend Double Regional
August 24-25 WHRRI Detroit Double Regional
September 21-22 Nelson Ledges Northeast Ohio Double Regional
October 12-13 Mid-Ohio Ohio Valley Double Regional


Points Per Race Finish

Position Points Position Points Position Points Position Points
1 25 6 15 11 10 16 5
2 21 7 14 12 9 17 4
3 18 8 13 13 8 18 3
4 17 9 12 14 7 19 2
5 16 10 11 15 6 20 1


Championship Trophy Chart

Number of   Eligible Entrants 2 4 6
Trophies Awarded 1st 2nd 3rd
Shiloff_Series 2024