2022 Solo Season Points are posted

EDIT: My apologies for any confusion. I had originally done up the points with the idea that 3 of 6 would count until someone pointed out the inconsistencies in what was posted, both here and on social media. The actual number of qualifying events is in fact 4, i.e. just over half of the Solo season. Apologies to those whom I’ve disappointed with the earlier results. These here are now correct.

The 2022 Solo Season Points are now online. You can view them at the Solo Season Points info page or directly here.

2022 Season Points – Best 4 Events

Note that we counted the best four events of the year for each driver. To be eligible for a year-end award, you must be 1) a DRSCCA member and 2) attended at least four events. Those highlighted in orange will receive a trophy at the year-end awards banquet.