Detroit Region SCCA to Co-host Spring Time Trials at Gingerman

Detroit Region SCCA is proud to announce that we will be co-hosting an SCCA Time Trial event with South Bend Region SCCA at Gingerman Raceway on April 21-22.This event will conform to the recently announced SCCA Time Trials rules.


Online Registration can be found here:

Drivers must preregister for the Time Trial online at Registration will NOT be available on site and closes on at 11:59 PM on April 16th. All competitors must be a member of SCCA.

If you are not a member, you have two options:

  1. Become a SCCA weekend member. You can do this when you register online. Cost is $15
  2. Become a SCCA member. This may be done before you register, or we can help you become a SCCA member when you show up at registration. Go to If you use a SCCA member as a reference, you may be eligible for a discount. If you don’t know a SCCA member, you can use the event chairman’s name: Jeff Luckritz, member # 172591_1. There are also discounts for members of the military and those 24 years old and younger.


Early bird entry fee when paying by credit card/online (before April 7th, 2018)           $240

Entry fee (after April 7th and before April 16th, 2018)                                                        $265

Transponder Rental Fee                                                                                                             $25


  • Untimed Sessions. These sessions will give drivers an opportunity to learn the track.
  • TrackCross Day 1. One car versus the autocross timing lights. A standing start will be used and plenty of empty track will be allowed for the driver to cool down after the finish lights. After completion of the lap, drivers should continue safely and slowly to the false grid to get in line for another run. The number of runs will be determined on the day of the event and communicated with the drivers. The fastest time will count towards the driver’s overall time for the weekend.
  • Timed Laps. The best lap counts towards the driver’s overall time for the weekend. Transponders must be used and will be available for rent for a fee of $25.
  • TrackCross Day 2. Similar format to Day 1, but it will be a different portion of the track or track configuration.
  • Best Time = Best Time TrackCross Day 1 + Best Timed Lap + Best Time TrackCross Day 2

TIME TRIAL NOVICE PERMIT: Drivers that successfully complete the Saturday sessions will be eligible for a Time Trial Novice Permit. There is no charge for your Time Trial Novice Permit (Special Deal!).


TrackCross 1: Best time counts

TrackCross 2: Best time counts

Timed Track Session: Best time

Overall Time = TrackCross 1 + TrackCross 2 + Timed track session best time


Level 1-Sport              SA,SB,SC,SD,SE,SF

Level 2-Touring          TA,TB,TC,TD,TE

Level 3-Modified        MA,MB,MC,MD

Level 4-Unlimited       UA,UB

For complete description of classes: CLICK HERE


Will be awarded by class with the following parameters.

# of Starters          Trophy Awarded

2                     1st place
3                    1st and 2nd place
4                    1st, 2nd and 3rd place