Congratulations Runoffs Participants

We would like to congratulate all of our region members who participated in the 2017 SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway! The 54th running of the SCCA National Championship Runoffs was the biggest Runoffs in the history of the SCCA.  Nearly 1,000 drivers from all over the country traveled to Indianapolis to try and etch their name on the famous bricks as a National Champion. In total, Detroit Region SCCA sent 46 drivers to Indy, some of which brought trophies and championships back home with them.

The following members earned a National Championship or a Runoffs Podium this year:

John M. Buttermore T2 National Champion (6th Place T1)
Garret Dunn 3rd Place STL
John Henricy 2nd Place AS, 2nd Place BS
Ray Huffmaster 2nd Place, STU
Steven Thompson 3rd Place, F5

Again, congratulations to all of our region’s participants. Below is a full list of DRSCCA members who participated in the 2017 National Championship Runoffs. Please let us know if we missed any names or need to make any corrections.

Photo courtesy of Jacob Goodroe of Broknlnk photography



Detroit Region SCCA 2017 Runoffs Participants 

                   Name Place Class
Andrew Abbot 4 FV
Brandon Abbot 11 FV
David Bednarz 9 FP
Walter Bobko 16 T1
Hal Briand 43 SRF
Brian Brothers 9 F5
John R. Buttermore 19 T2
Craig Capaldi 13 T1
Drew Cattell 23 AS
Stuart Delaney 33 FV
Tom Diehm 5 F5
Robert Gross 19 FF
Justin Hille 22 SM
Rob Huffmaster 26 STU
Jason Koehler 25 SM
Max Koff 49 SRF
Joe Kristensen 14 GT3
Ryan Kristoff 21 GTL
Gary Mason 13 T2
Eric McRee 35 F5
Mark Muddiman 13 AS
Joe Moser 5 STU (43 EP)
Brian Naumann 65 SM
Ken Nelson 8 GT3
Alex Piku 31 SM
Bobby Sak 34 SRF3
David Satterley 21 FV
Natalino Scappaticci 43 SM
Frank Schwartz 38 HP
Scott Schweitzer 22 SRF
Vaughn Scott 13 P2
Daniel Setili 68 SM
Calvin Stewart 30 F5
Charles Tobel 25 STU
Eric Vickerman 6 HP
Mark Wajda 11 STU
Doug Weaver 26 FP
Fritz Wilke 11 BS
Matt Wolfe 18 STU
Jon Yanca 5 T4
Paul Young 16 GT3