Tom Hallock Award

Tom Hallock was a competitor, a worker, a political force, and most important, a friend to many in the Detroit Region. Tom took extra time with the “new kids”. He seemed to shine with new members: a word of encouragement, friendly advice, gentle guidance. Those who worked or competed with him will never forget his warm smile. The Region established this trophy to recognize the new member who gives the most of themselves to the Region and the SCCA. Any member who has not completed their second year of Detroit Region membership by December 31 of the award year is eligible.

2022 James & Zach Battaglia
2021 Ben Howe
2020 Raynah Fandozzi
2019 Cory Conger, Connie Esposito
2018 Aldo Parodi
2017 Alexandra Piltz
2016 Emily Schmacher & Marianna Langosh
2015 James Burks
2014 Keith Armitage
2013 Debra Neirinck
2012 Bryan Danielson & Mark Scott
2011 Chris Lee & Keith Jason
2010 Jon Jareo
2009 Donna Tompkin
2008 Rob & Kim Bucchi
2007 Chris Lanctot
2006 Tommy Heath
2005 Deric Frisch & Mike Rodriguez
2004 Angie Dallas
2003 Unknown or not awarded
2002 Neeraj Bhagat
2001 Deb Martens
2000 Dave Harkcom & Dan Harkcom
1999 Lucien Henry
1990- 1998 Unknown or not awarded
1989 Karen Epperson
1988 Jim Muir
1987 Geza Korchmaros
1986 Andrea Stahl
1985 Ted Krodyzon
1984 Ed Maklenburg
1983 Carolyn Larime
1982 Bryant Benson
1981 Joe Urkshus