The Karl Pel Memorial Award


The Detroit Region established this trophy to honor one of its most dedicated members, Karl Pel, who passed away on November 8, 1974. Karl will be remembered best for the time and energy he devoted to the Club. He was not just in attendance at most of the races, rallies, and meetings, but he was there helping, whenever needed. He seemed to have a knack of being in the right place at the right time – hot coffee for the cold registrars, food for the hungry tech inspectors and his car was a ready source of most anything a worker could possibly need. However, Karl had a way of doing all these things for people without being obvious about it. He shied away from the limelight and stayed in the background whenever he could. This trophy is presented each year to the worker who has devoted an exceptional amount of time and effort toward promoting our sport and the Detroit Region.

2022 Jerry & Mary Shiloff
2021 Ed Arthur
2020 John Fishbeck
2019 Tammy Breece
2018 Marcus Meredith
2017 Ken Wiedbusch
2016 John Kytasty
2015 Matt Wolfe
2014 Mike McClintock
2013 Steve Balanecki
2012 John Kytasty
2011 Ray Jason
2010 Ken Wiedbusch
2009 Bob Martin
2008 Bob & Pat Pierson
2007 Bruce Fisher
2006 Bob Martin
2005 Mary & Jerry Shiloff
2004 Mike Bennett
2003 Mary Shiloff
2002 Mark Henderson
2001 Barbara Steencken
2000 Patti Klimchuk
1999 Scott Harvey Jr.
1998 Mike Burke
1997 Sandra Cole
1996 Richard Sagar
1995 Patti Klimchuk
1994 Pat Pierson
1993 Grady Ellis
1992 Richard Topping
1991 Marian Merriman
1990 Mary Shiloff
1989 Lynda Gale
1988 Dick Cole
1987 Albert Chan
1986 Phil& Nancy Schilke
1985 Lori Kremkow
1984 Mike Burke
1983 Dick Cole
1982 Sandy Cole
1981 Grant Wilcox
1980 Terry Richards
1979 John Scorof
1978 Anne Roeske
1977 Michael & Suzanne Royce
1976 Mike Remenar
1975 Julian Gorgo