Race Worker of the Year Award

The Worker of the Year award was established to recognize the
outstanding service to the Region of those individuals who work long hours under extreme conditions. Candidates are nominated by peers for their leadership, friendship; reliability, and unfailing support. The award is open to all worker specialties but excludes Chiefs and Stewards. Recipients will have worked a majority of our designated race and special events which included training days, Formula SAE, Regional and National Races.

2022 Catherine Wrixon
2021 Ron Cech
2020 Sue Wakeman
2019 Todd Geiser
2018 Cindy Wisner
2017 Ed Arthur
2016 Ken Wiedbusch
2015 Willy Perez Jr.
2014 Lynn Bertin
2013 Kristy Browning, Bob Browning, and Dave Browning
2012 John Lisiecki
2011 John Firment
2010 John Lakatos
2009 Brian and Judi Bennett