Chris Lindberg Sportsmanship Trophy

Chris Lindberg was a Solo Competitor, National Champion, Father and friend. He was always willing to lend a hand, offer advice, parts, or a ride. He displayed fairness, respect for one’s opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing. He jumped in to help without being asked and worked tirelessly for the sport he loved. His love for competition was only outweighed by his love for his daughters. Chris had the ability to laugh at himself and make others relax. One of Chris’ expressions; “Shut up and Drive” (edited for content) were words of wisdom for those having an off day.

This Sportsmanship Award was established to recognize a Region member who has given more of themselves than they expected back from the sport. The previous year’s recipient determines the next annual winner.

2022 Brian Harvey
2021 Karl Riggs
2020 John Li
2019 Aldo Parodi
2018 Andrew Schembri
2017 Jeremiah Mauricio
2016 Pat Barber
2015 Christian Hubbell
2014 Tammy Breece
2013 Seth Taylor
2012 John McIver
2011 Frank Putman
2010 Eric Penn
2009 Jennifer Merideth
2008 Gary Godula
2007 Steve Baumbach
2006 Patrick Kernahan
2005 Mike McClintock
2004 Marcus Merideth