Help Wanted – Press on Regardless®

We are looking for volunteers to take over as Chair and possibly Rallymaster for the 2024 Press on Regardless® rally and beyond.

Bruce Fisher, POR Chair and Rallymaster since 2001 edition, announced at the end of 2022 POR that 2024 would be his last year to be POR Chair and Rallymaster. He would consider continuing on as Rallymaster if someone else would take over being the Chair to help with the work load. Hopefully, we can identify someone to work with Bruce on the 2024 edition as Chair and/or Rallymaster. Bruce has a large library of POR routes and knowledge of roads in northern LP and UP and wants to share that with someone to continue on the tradition of POR.

It would be great if someone volunteered and “interned” with Bruce by helping with the 2023 POR.

Anyone interested please respond to me at or to Bruce at

Piotr Roszczenko

Detroit Region Road Rally Director