UPDATE: 4/24 Season Opener Solo is cancelled

My deepest apologies: I missed something on the insurance paperwork, and the end result is that MIS won’t let us run on Sunday. The responsibility falls solely on me.

If you still want to drive on Sunday, you can check out the Northwest Ohio Region (NWOR) Solo at Owens.

Thanks go out to Paul Gaecke and Greg Valade Event co-chairs who put in the work to get things ready for the first event of the season, the volunteers who helped clean out the Fun Mover, and to Tammy Breece for handling registration.

John Li

Registration for the first solo event of the season, the aptly named Season Opener Solo, opens at noon on April 8th. You can register for the event and view the schedule and event rules at http://msreg.com/2022drscca1.

#1: Season Opener Solo @ Michigan International Speedway
Sunday, April 24th
Site opens at 7am