3/30/2022 Solo Planning Meeting Minutes

Event chairs, safety stewards, and waiver chiefs for the 2022 Solo events:

  1. #1 Season Opener @ MIS, April 24
    Paul Gaecke and Greg Valade as Event Co-chairs
    Eric Penn as SS of Record
    Karl Riggs as Waiver Chief
  2. #2 Memorial Weekend Solo @ Schoolcraft PSTC, May 29
    Keith Armitage as Event Chair
    Eric Penn as SS of Record (and shadow co-chair)
    Greg Valade as Waiver Chief
  3. Oscoda Test and Tune: TBD

  4. #3 Summer Heat Solo @ Schoolcraft PSTC, July 3
    Karl Riggs as Event Chair
    Eric Penn as SS of Record (shadowed by Ray Smith and Greg Nelson)
    Blaine Bolze as Waiver Chief
  5. #4-5 Before Nationals Solo @ Oscoda, August 19-21
    Al Chan as Event Chair
    Brian Harvey as SS of Record (and shadow co-chair)
    Greg Valade as Waiver Chief
  6. #6 Fall Into Autumn Solo @ MIS, September 18
    Blaine Bolze plus one as Co-Chairs
    Eric Penn as SS of Record
    Ray Smith as Waiver Chief
    Greg suggested making this a charity event for ALS

  7. #7 Season Ender @ MIS, October 9
    Event Chair TBD
    Ray Smith as SS of Record
    Karl Riggs as Waiver Chief

Equipment chiefs (Fun Mover stewards)

We need folks that are willing to drive the Fun Mover and care for the equipment inside.

Volunteer Fun Mover drivers:
If you would be willing to bring the Fun Mover to an event, let John know.

  • Stuart King
  • Blaine Bolze
  • Greg Valade

John to work with Frank Putman to get the volunteer drivers on the Fun Mover’s insurance

Fun Mover and equipment prep

Fun Mover maintenance and cleaning needs to be done. Is there any new equipment that DRSCCA needs for the upcoming Solo season?

  • Frank Putman suggested that the drivers show up at the Fun Mover cleaning party to get acclimated with the vehicle and the equipment
  • Fun Mover cleaning party: Saturday, April 16th at 12:00 noon
    John to provide pizza

Finalize event improvement goals

What should our goals be, and how do we measure them?

Season event goals:

  • Minimum of five runs for every event
  • All Timing and Scoring workers should be identified before the event begins.
  • Event setup and cleanup crews should be defined before the start of the event
  • Post event results day-of
  • Create Event Chair document archive with handbooks and spreadsheet run calculators
  • Volunteer sign up in a single, not-Facebook location (e.g. the DRSCCA forum, a Google signup sheet, or on MotorsportReg)

Improvement suggestions:

Blaine Bolze suggested that there be two two grids at Schoolcraft

  • Karl Riggs is willing to try and set up the two grids
  • Brian Harvey suggested having two permanent grids and have drivers paddock in them

Pat LaMontagne suggested an EZ-up or an awning for the purpose of providing relief for entrants and workers from the sun

Blaine Bolze suggested measuring the amount of time it takes to swap heats. (Perhaps have an award for the fastest heat switchover?)

Spreading the word about Solo events (website, social media, emails)

We need folks to assist with posting things on the website and Facebook. Should we expand our social media presence to other platforms?

  • Need help with the Detroit Region Solo Facebook group; looking for additional admins
  • Need to revamp the MSR registration pages w/ Solo Registrar Tammy Breece

Event swag

What should DRSCCA provide for competitors outside of class trophies? Discuss how to incorporate corporate sponsorships and swag to benefit members.

  • Nissan team sponsors Maxxis and Motul will have swag for the Schoolcraft events
  • John Li suggested providing free stickers, pens, key chains, magnets
  • Eric Penn suggested securing the High Octane Cafe food truck for Schoolcraft events

Catch-all run-what-you-brung CAM/XS run group proposal

Can we combine the CAM and XS classes as a run group and disband SMS?

  • Street Mod Street (SMS) will be retired for 2022
  • John Li proposed running CAM/XS classes in the same heat, similar to how the Pro class is in a single heat
    Call it the “Motor City Challenge” and invite non-autocrossers to bring out their cars to events?

Event sites

Which sites should we aim to get on the 2023 season calendar?

Still working on:

  • Willow Run Airport (Stuart King)
  • American Center for Mobility (Keith Armitage)
  • Kettering University (Ray Jason)
  • Motorsports Gateway (Brian Harvey)

Transition plan for new Solo Director

Looking for a new volunteer director.

  • Blaine Bolze might be interested…
  • Still looking for other folks who may be interested such that a transition between current and new Solo Directors can happen throughout the year