2021 Solo Awards

For the folks who couldn’t make the 2021 Awards Banquet this year, I present the winners of the 2021 Solo Championship standings and the winners of the Solo perpetual awards! For the folks who weren’t present to pick up their trophies, we will have the trophies in the Fun Mover and present them at the April Season Opener Solo and the May Memorial Weekend Solo, and ship them if they are still unclaimed after our mini-awards ceremonies at the events.

2021 Solo Enthusiast Award: Greg Nelson

It takes a lot of effort to put together an autocross team, especially within the structure of an automotive OEM. To do this while also bringing enough drivers and cars to essentially dominate most of the entries within a class or a heat is very impressive.

Even better, volunteering said autocross team members to assist with setting up and tearing down events and being good stewards of the sport is quite incredible. For his work in putting the Nissan autocross team together and also volunteering the team to assist with setting up and running events, this year’s award goes to Greg Nelson.

2021 Chris Lindberg Sportsmanship Trophy: Karl Riggs

This award recognizes someone who have more of themselves than they expected back from the sport. The previous year’s recipient determines the next year’s winner.

As I (John Li) was last year’s winner, I got to choose this year’s recipient, and my choice is Karl Riggs.

Karl has constantly stepped up to help with events, from event setup and course design, all the way to chairing events. He keeps out of the spotlight, so I don’t know how many people understand the work he’s done and the folks he’s brought along to help with all things Solo, but his contributions were definitely impactful and should be recognized.

And so it is: this year’s Chris Lindberg trophy goes to Karl Riggs.

2021 Season Points

These are the winners of the 2021 Solo Season.

AS, 1st: Rob Allie
AS, 2nd: John Thomson
ASL, 1st: Constance Esposito
BS, 1st: Karl Riggs
BS, 2nd: Patrick Risse
BSL, 1st: Rae Rutkowski
CAMC, 1st: Richard Mangus
CAMS, 1st: Andrew Phillips
CAMT, 1st: Brian Harvey
CS, 1st: Keith Armitage
DS, 1st: Adam Dettloff
ES, 1st: Mark William Hall
FS, 1st: David Kaiser
FS, 2nd: Sebastian Briones
GS, 1st: Jeff Britton
HS, 1st: Stuart King
HS, 2nd: Taylor Talbott
HSL, 1st: Elizabeth Leckey
Novice, 1st: Garrett Parks
Pro, 1st: David Colette
Pro, 2nd: Caius Boboescu
Pro, 3rd: Neil Britton
Pro, 4th: Gregory Anthony
Pro, 5th: Tim Scholar
SMF, 1st: Matt Peterson
SMS, 1st: Edward Klippi
SS, 1st: Albert Chan
SSM, 1st: Daniel Malm
STR, 1st: Zachary Megis
STR, 2nd: Tammy Breece