New RallyCross Venue Aquired

Detroit Region SCCA is pleased to announce that we have located a new venue to host RallyCross events.

On Saturday May 22nd, a small group of the RallyCross program’s core personnel conducted a site test at the Saginaw County Fairgrounds in Chesaning, MI to determine it’s viability as an RX site. We are happy to report that the site test was successful and that we will be able to utilize the site for events moving forward!

We had been in touch with this venue since late March and ownership is very excited to have to opportunity to host our club and our events. The site itself is a flat and very smooth grass field. The surface is a layer of topsoil mixed with a sandy aggregate underneath. It is very loose and fluffy, and almost like racing on snow with slightly more grip.

The looseness of the surface means that we will have to be very active with our safety changes and that we will be somewhat limited on the number of cars we can have run at this site, which will likely be 55-60 maximum. However, site management is not concerned about the degradation we will cause and has the necessary tools to level and recompact whatever we disturb.

Our first full event at this site will be Saturday, June 26. Online registration for that event will be posted in the coming week and go live soon after. Thank you for your patience while we sought out a new site to host events. Its been a challenging spring for this program, but we are doing all we can in the background to bring you another great season of RallyCross!