DRSCCA 2020 Solo Season Winners and Special Awards

For those who may have missed the Online Awards Ceremony and Membership Meeting, the perpetual award winners were announced. The list of season champions, which may be listed on betting sites like betend, was also pulled together, though not announced during the Online Awards Ceremony in order to keep the dual meeting at an hour in length.

So without further ado, your perpetual award winners!

Solo Enthusiast Award

This is an award that the Solo Director gets to pick. It goes to the “solo competitor who has gone above and beyond throughout the year,” someone who shows enthusiasm and dedication to the sport by continually lending a helping hand, and encouraging the development of new ideas without personal expectations.

For 2020, there was a clear winner in my mind, and it was Greg Valade. Greg ended up chairing two events last year, and was present as a core volunteer for nearly every other event. A lot of events last year simply wouldn’t have run as smoothly as they did if Greg wasn’t there pulling more than his fair share of work setting up and running the event.

Thanks Greg for all the hard work! And now he’s stepped up to be DRSCCA’s Treasurer, another one of those behind-the-scenes thankless jobs that makes what we do possible.

Chris Lindberg Sportsmanship Trophy

In honor of Chris Lindberg, a Solo competitor, National Champion, father, and friend, this sportsmanship award was established to recognize a Region member who has given more of themselves than they expected back from the sport. The previous year’s winner determines the winner for the following year. Aldo Parodi chose John Li as the 2020 winner of the Chris Lindberg Sportsmanship Trophy.

The 2020 Solo Season standings

The Season champions and the Solo Season Standings are now uploaded on the 2020 Autocross Season results page. You can see the Solo Season Standings directly here.

A quick note on the final standings: to qualify for a year end trophy, one needed to complete four events. As last year has been a trying year, we had a lot of participation in all of the events in our abbreviated schedule, but not everyone was able to meet the four event minimum to qualify. As a result, the number of Season Champions and awards winners is less for this year than in years past. I’m hopeful that we’ll be returning to more normalcy for 2021!

Also, as the final standings were not finalized until this week, we’re on a serious delay when it comes to getting the year end trophies. The current plan is to order the trophies and then mail them to the award winners. We will announce the award winners at the early Solo events in the season too, so that you may be recognized by your fellow competitors!