Annual Waiver / Hard Card

Completed annual waivers can be uploaded to the SCCA website rather than rely on the postal service to deliver it in a timely manner. You can download the form from the website. After logging in click on Member Resources, File Cabinet, and then Waivers. Select the appropriate form you want to download. Only a color copy of the form is acceptable for insurance purposes.

Print a color copy of the form. You’ll need to have it witnessed by either a SCCA Official or a Notary Public when you sign the form as they need to verify you are the person signing the form. Once you have the completed form, you’ll need to scan the color copy into your computer in order to upload the copy to the member portal at

After you have saved the scanned color copy of your completed annual waiver then log into the member portal. Your profile page should be the first page viewed after logging in. Scroll down to the ‘My Documents’ section on this page and click on the ‘Add Document’ link on the right side of the page. Follow the directions to upload the color copy of your annual waiver.

Member Services reviews uploaded forms on a daily basis, so the information under your ‘My Licenses’ should be updated once it is reviewed and accepted.