Hell and Back Rally Wins SCCA W. David Teter Tour Rally of the Year Award

The road to Hell…

The Detroit Region SCCA is proud and pleased to announce that Scott Harvey Jr’s November 2020 ‘Hell and Back’ rally is the recipient of the 2020 W. David Teter Touring Rally of the Year. This prestigious national award was announced during the SCCA Convention Road Rally Board town hall meeting on Saturday evening, January 23 by Mike Bennett, RRB chairman (and long time Detroit Region member and rallyist).

The W. David Teter Touring Rally of the Year is chosen by rallyists themselves to acknowledge the outstanding National Tour Rally of the year. The selection is made by a vote of the top 20 competitors in each of the three equipment classes who have competed in at least three National Tour rallies that year. So clearly this award reflects the opinion of experienced, active National rallylists. It is indeed a moment for Scott, and the Region Road Rally program, to take pleasure in the recognition of work well done. Congratulations to Scott, and those Region rally program participants who helped make it happen.

‘Hell and Back’ was the first of three rallies that comprised this year’s United States Road Rally Challenge (USRRC), hosted by the Detroit Region. Scott Harvey Jr. is a Region rally legend, with knowledge and experience spanning decades in both stage and road rallying, both as a competitor and as an organizer. With Scott’s hard work, and that of colleagues Piotr Roszczenko (current rally director and 2020 USRRC chair), John Kytasty (‘Pavement Ends’ rallymaster), Bruce Fisher (‘Are You Territorial?’ rallymaster), John Fishbeck (promotion) the Detroit Region pulled off a very successful USRRC under challenging conditions.

Well done all!