2021 RallyCross Program and Supplemental Regulations Updates

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2020 Detroit Region SCCA RallyCross Championship for helping us have a fantastic season. Now that the 2020 season has concluded, we are ready to announce a few procedure and regulations changes for the program in 2021.

Our first major announcement is that we are rolling out a priority registration system for core volunteers. Core personnel will be given access to register for events a day early before we open registration to the general public. This helps ensure that we can properly staff our events which are continuing to grow in popularity.

Our second major announcement is that our vehicle restrictions have now been expanded to exclude all pickup trucks regardless of size. Since we continue to have wait lists full of people with vehicles that are not rollover risks, we do not feel that these vehicles should be included in our program. Compact crossovers are still permitted, but on a case by case basis via approval of the tech staff and program director. Compact crossovers must be stock ride height or lower to compete.

We are also introducing a noise limit at our events. The noise limit at our events will be 105 db measured on a relatively straight section of the course from 50 ft. We are also requiring that all vehicles have at least one sound suppressing device (muffler, resonator, etc.) installed in the exhaust system. For reference, the noise limit at most SCCA events is 103 db.

As was announced for our Season Ender, the run order and work assignments will be posted online and emailed to registered competitors the night before an event. We are also asking that all vehicles in the first run group be lined up for grid before the start of the drivers meeting. These measures are being put in place to help us limit down time and maximize the number of runs we can give.

There are several small proposed changes in our supplemental regulations for 2021. You can read our proposed 2021 supplemental regulations by clicking here. Changes have been highlighted in red and italicized. You can submit your comments to the director via email at lonewolfe171@gmail.com or in the public discussion thread on the Detroit Region SCCA RallyCross Facebook group here.