Yes – Seeing ‘PAVEMENT ENDS’ is a GOOD thing!

‘PAVEMENT ENDS’ For the ‘normal’ motorist this sign may signal some sense of disappointment, reluctance, even trepidation. “What? No more pavement? Am I on the right road? Good god, where am I going?” Ah, but for the intrepid Detroit Region rallyist, that sign is an announcement of a forthcoming good time! For those unpaved back roads that crisscross south central lower Michigan are the fun roads. They will offer up scenic vistas through Michigan farmlands, meadows and forests, with twisty bits sprinkled about to offer a bit of driving entertainment and challenge. And we’re not talking the forest roads, two tracks and truck trails that are more characteristic of the Region’s famous Press On Regardless rally. Instead, these roads are graded, improved and maintained county roads – even those vanilla rental cars will traverse these unpaved byways with ease.

Pavement Ends, the second of the 2020 U.S. Road Rally Challenge’s (USRRC) three rallies, will have the first car starting out at 12:01 PM Saturday, November 14 from the USRRC rally headquarters at the Days Inn in Whitmore Lake, Michigan (9897 Main St, Whitmore Lake) and finishing approximately 8 PM.

John Kytasty is the rallymaster for the USRRC Pavement Ends rally, which is a straightforward SCCA Tour rally. Pavement Ends is a regular Detroit Region rally run in November, so it was a perfect candidate to be included in the USRRC’s three rallies. John has been the chairman of this rally for several years now, and has consistently put on an event that’s been enjoyed by novices and old hands alike. John also has the distinction of being the first Detroit Region rally chair to put on a rally utilizing the Richta timing and scoring apps (last year’s Pavement Ends, as a matter of fact), with able assistance from current Detroit Region Rally Program Director Piotr Roszczenko. Like the preceding day’s Hell and Back rally, Pavement Ends is a novice friendly event, with mileaged instructions and clear text to keep even noobs on the rally course.

There’s still two weeks before the USRRC, and still more than a week to register (online registration ends at midnight Sunday, November 8, and in consideration of the pandemic there’s no on-site, in person registration). So why not click here to head over to MotorsportReg and register to run one, two or all three of the USRRC rallies? Do it now!

You can view more information about the 2020 USRRC by clicking here to view an info page on the website.