Final Season Ender Solo results are now online!

Whew, that took a bit longer than expected. But I now have results that I’m fairly confident are correct.

First of all, apologies to the folks unfortunate enough to run in the Heat 2. As I was slightly paranoid about making sure the wireless timing system worked for the event, I shouldered both the Event Chair and Timing and Scoring Chief roles, and I simply didn’t do a good enough job supervising the timing crew for Heat 2. We had a major kerfluffle when the inexperienced timing crew didn’t notice a missed finish trip for a very long time, resulting in ~40 reruns for the Heat. You’ll notice that some folks only have three (or just two) runs to their name; Control and Grid didn’t sync up completely enough to corral everyone for their reruns.

Once again, much of the blame falls on me for not making sure Timing and Scoring was running well for Heat 2. We immediately changed up some procedures for the Afternoon session, and timing worked much better.

EDIT: The results have been updated and they are now final. They are on the Solo Schedule page and the 2020 Autocross Results archive page.

John Li