Marcus Merideth for Area 4 Director of SCCA


Hope everyone is doing well given the challenges we see in the world today.

I would like to continue to serve the Area 4 SCCA members for an additional term and seek your vote in the upcoming election.

A little about myself.

My professional background is mechanical engineering with a Professional License in the state of Michigan. I have worked in the auto industry primarily for the last 33 years after starting my career in aerospace. My longest stint of employment was with Ford Motor Company and I now work at Rivian as a Closures Mechanisms Engineering Manager. My education is a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Univ of Michigan and a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri – S&T.

I have served on the SCCA Board of Director for the last 4+ years and served the 2009-2011 three-year term earlier and a member since 1990.

My competition history and volunteer experience include:

  • 2014-15 Hall of Fame Nominating Committee Member/Chairman
  • Solo Events Board 2005-2007 chairman and member 2001-2007
  • Regional Executive – Detroit Region (1998-2000)
  • Board of Directors – Detroit Region Sports Car Club of America (1997 – 2000)
  • Solo Competitor 1987-Present, competed in over 25 Solo Nationals.
  • Regional Road Racing License holder 1999-2002
  • Formula SAE SCCA Chairman
  • Chairman, Chief Steward, Operating Steward, Safety Steward and course designer for numerous Regional, Divisional and National SCCA Solo Events
  • Solo Safety Steward
  • Solo Safety Steward Instructor
  • Solo Youth Steward
  • Race Volunteer
  • Rally Competitor
  • Rallycross competitor
  • Time Trials competitor
  • Pro and Regional Race Crew
  • 2012 Solo Cup Recipient
  • Detroit Region Ira Garfunkel Award, 2006
  • Lloyd Loring Divisional Achievement Award, 2005
  • 1993 Detroit Region SCCA Solo Enthusiast Award
  • Inaugural Recipient of Chris Lindberg Memorial Sportsmanship Trophy (2004)


I have worked/competed in almost every form of SCCA activities over years and am look forward to continuing having fun for years to come.

I have made every effort to represent the passion and joy of motorsports the Great Lakes Division has while serving on the Board of Directors and I would appreciate your vote to allow me to continue serving the SCCA and you. 2020 has been an interesting year for everybody and the SCCA is not immune to the current conditions we live in. The President of SCCA Mike Cobb with his team has done an excellent job assuring the future viability of SCCA in trying times this year. The BoD has been meeting every other Monday night with Mike for most of this year to try and understand and help where possible the process of surviving 2020 for a not for profit mostly volunteer organization that works on events happening to fund it. Mr. Cobb is making a concerted effort to improve communications from the National office and has been issuing press releases on the status of events and the organization with the latest information. I have tried to send out notes about the Club while serving you and have not always gotten the job done.  This year I have not wanted to compete with the National office’s releases as their information is better than mine and the status of things have been changing in a rapid manner.  I have tried to send out notes to the Area post Board meetings when something comes up that I can share. A great deal of the Boards discussion are confidential or are published as part of FASTRACK. Many things planned for 2020 have been delayed or changed in scale and I hope to be around for 2021 as we get back on track to improving the organization.

I think SCCA is all about learning and improving our skills on and off the track performing tasks so we can all enjoy having fun with cars.  A huge part of the community of SCCA is helping and making you the best you can be.  I try to follow that thought when working on the Board of Directors and the lesson my parents taught me as a child to always give back to things you love so that later generation can enjoy what you so passionately enjoy.

Always happy to answer questions,

Thanks for your time and passion!


Admin stuff: The election period for your Area 4 Director is coming up October 15, 2020-November 16, 2020. This year’s voting will be handled via the Member Account Portal at An email notification will be sent to eligible voters with an email address on file prior to October 15, 2020. Please take a few minutes to review the questions below to ensure that you have a smooth voting process. If you are on a family membership, each family member must log in with their SCCA Member # to cast their vote. A first time log in requires a valid email address on the member account and family members may use the same email address. Have you been able to successfully log in to your Member Account Portal at Yes? Great, skip to the next question. No? Contact Member Services Department at Is your membership expiration date greater than October 1, 2020? Yes? Great, you’re an eligible voter – be watching for your electronic notification. No? Renew your membership before October 1, 2020 at or call 800-770-2055. If you prefer to have a paper ballot mailed to you, you must opt out of electronic balloting on or before October 1, 2020 through one of the following methods: Edit your Email subscriptions in your account at “Edit Contact Info” on “My Profile Page” “Edit Subscriptions” in the lower right under “Email Subscriptions” Add checkbox to “Opt out of electronic balloting” Click “Save” Email and request to “opt out of electronic balloting”