IMPORTANT: 9/20 Fall into Autumn Solo is CANCELED

This is a decision that does not come lightly. Between the National Tour this weekend in Toledo siphoning away a large number of our regular core event volunteers, the sudden facilities change at Schoolcraft today that resulted in the loss of our on-site restrooms with no time to reserve porta potties, and the entry cancellations of a few core event volunteers over the past 24 hours means we no longer have the manpower to put on an event this Sunday.

Refunds for all entrants will be processed shortly.

Rest assured, we’re working with Schoolcraft to ensure that we’ll be able to hold the October 4th event. I’d like to thank Keith Armitage, my event co-chair, who was chairing his very first autocross event and inadvertently got thrust into a tricky situation. He has done a lot of the behind-the-scenes work in trying to keep this event alive. I’d also like to thank those of you who stepped up to be event chiefs; I greatly appreciate your forward willingness to help put on the event.

There will be a post-mortem of this event at an upcoming Solo Planning meeting, and a discussion as to how we can draw more event chiefs and core event volunteers from our autocross community to avoid being dependent on our National competitors to run events. Anyone interested in volunteering as an event chief or working in Registration or Timing and Scoring, let me or a future event chair know, and we can work out a way that you can get experience for a role, or have you co-role with someone experienced.