2020 Press On Regardless® is through Section 4

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Dark night descended on the woods in northeastern Lower Peninsula Michigan as the 25 remaining teams departed Millersburg to start section 4. Once again the competitors were honored to run some of the very roads that were used a stages back in the days when POR was a stage rally. Healy Hardwood and Peltz were well known stage roads, and still great roads to drive in today’s POR.

While Harvey/Moran still hold on to their lead in equipped class and overall with 65.8 points, the margin between them and the Harkcoms, with a 76.4, has whittled down to just over 10 points. Not succumbing to fatigue and focus is critical for Scott and Rob because 10 points can evaporate in an Onaway minute! Andrew Layton and dad Joe have forged on in the POR spirit with a 153.9.

Gopalkrishnan/D’Souza continue their grip on limited class, although with their (still impressive!) score of 77.9 they’ve slipped a bit down from their pursuit of Harvey/Moran. That score is still good for a highly respectable 3rd overall, and there’s still another whole section to go. Brian and Kevin Line are steady lads, chalking up a most decent 97.8 points score.

Sawyer Stone and Alison Lee are still turning in an excellent stock class performance, scoring just 154.4 points over the 42 scored controls. But Vindua/Koivisto and Martin/Kloosterman aren’t that far away (at 188.3 and 196.7, respectively), so there’s not a lot of room for error on Stone/Lee’s part.

Four of the starting five novice teams are still at it, with the Bockheims maintaining their focus and running up a score of 326.9. That’s just under an average of 7 seconds error per control, an excellent job for a novice team! That score is solid enough that it would be good for fifth out nine cars in stock class against experienced teams.

Wish our hardy POR teams good luck and success as they wearily wind their way to the conclusion of the 2020 running of Press On Regardless®!

(A calculations error was discovered on checkpoint 38 in section 4. It will be worked out back at the finish before finalizing results.)