2020 Press On Regardless® is through Section 3

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As the hours grind on the 2020 Press On Regardless field begins to spread out. But Harvey/Moran continue to hold their lead in equipped class and overall at 40.1, and still maintaining their 12 point advantage over Harkcom/Harkcom.

But the truly incredible story so far in this POR is the performance of the limited class team of Satish Gopalkrishnan and Savera D’Souza, who are leading the class at 40.6, and are just 0.5 points behind overall leaders Harvey and Moran! Brian and Kevin Line continue to put in a strong showing at 52.2 with Spieszny/Roszczenko nipping at their heels just 9.4 points back.

Stock class remains in the quite competent hands of Sawyer/Lee with 97.6 points over the 31 controls so far. This averages just a touch over 3 seconds error per control, a very solid run. But Martin/Kloosterman have found themselves with a challenge, slipping from 2nd to 3rd in class, their 141.0 points against Vindua/Kloosterman’s 129.7. Still space to duke it out before the end though!

Sadly we lost a novice team to mechanical failure. Maegan and Mike Burkart had to give it up when they suffered a broken left front spring on their Audi S4. But Andrew and Koressa Bockheim are still rippin’ it up in the novices at 192.4, with their closest competitor, Ron Mallison and Kris Bain trailing by 296 points. Great job Burkarts!

So off they go into the night on section 4, which will take the teams north and east up towards Rogers City before looping back around to Onaway to start the fifth, and final, section.