2020 Press On Regardless® is through Section 2

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Section 2 began to treat the competitors to some truly tasty rally roads! Turtle Lake and Lovells roads were used as stage roads going back to the late 60s and into the 70s when Press On Regardless evolved into a stage rally. And a later trip down Walsh Rd is also a visit to an old POR stage road. TSD teams don’t run these roads at stage speeds, but that doesn’t keep the roads from being engaging driving exercises, requiring focused driving and navigation to remain on course and time.

It looks like the rain has let up for the time being, although the forecast promises more later, just in time for the nighttime stages 4 and 5. What could be better than working to stay on course and time on wet, muddy, slippery roads in the dark while it’s raining? Something for all our hardy POR teams to look forward to!

A rallymaster calculation error has affected legs 11 and 12, with a 12 second pause being assigned to the wrong leg. Rallymaster Bruce Fisher is doing his best to determine if he can figure out a way to the salvage the legs and not have to discard them.

Harvey/Moran continue to lead in equipped class and overall with 24.3 points, 12 points in front of the Harkcoms. Andrew Layton and dad Joe continue to hang in with 56.8 points.

Satish Gopalkrishnan and Savera D’Souza continue their incredible run in limited class, taking only 29.3 points for the two sections! This not only places them first in class, but also second overall, just 5 points behind Harvey/Moran. Heckuva run going there guys! The Brothers Line continue their steady run with 36.7 points, trailing the class leader by only 7.4 seconds – still lots of opportunities in the hours ahead for changes! Spieszny/Roszczenko are keeping the leaders honest with 48.6 points.

Stock class continues to show the prowess of the Sawyer/Lee team, scoring only 76.1 points over the 20 scored controls – an average of just under 4 seconds error per control! Veteran rallyists Martin and Kloosterman are getting in a great run on their return to TSD rallying, holding second in class with just 99.4 points.

Novices Andrew Bockheim and Koressa Bockheim continue their most excellent run with 141.9, collecting only 38.4 points during the second section. Great run you two!

Having refreshed themselves with food and drink, and gas for their cars, in Lewiston, the teams will begin departing at 6:16 to start section 3. They’ll wind up in Millersburg around 8:17, when we’ll check in again on their progress.