2020 Press On Regardless® is through Section 1

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All 26 of the teams have successfully made it to the end of section 1 and have arrived at Waters for the section break. This first section shouldn’t have been too tough, running mostly over graded county roads with moderate CASTs (speeds). It should have served as a kind of ‘warm up’ section for the competitors, giving them an opportunity to see the Richta GPS-based virtual controls function and get into rally rhythm. It looks like the section ran in light rain most of the time, so the wet road surfaces may have provided folks with some entertaining moments.

We already have some contests brewing! Scott Harvey Jr. and Rob Moran are leading equipped class and overall, with just 6.3 points for the first 10 controls. David and Dan Harkcom encountered some sort of timing error that cost points, leaving Andrew and Joe Layton to take over second with 16.0 points. But they’re just 10.6 points ahead of Harkcoms, so they’d best stay on their toes!

Limited class is seeing a three way contest at the top, with Satish Gopalkrishnan and Savera D’Souza scoring just an amazing 10.2 points for the section, not only leading limited class but holding down 2nd place overall as well! Brian and Kevin Line are only 9.4 points behind, and just 2.7 points ahead of Adam Spieszny Piotr Roszczenko. We’ll likely see some lead swaps throughout the day here.

Stock class is showcasing the Great Race winning experience of Sawyer Stone who, with navigator Alison Lee, is at just 47.3 points for the section. Ryan Vindua and Tristan Koivisto trail 15.7 points behind, but just 2.5 points ahead of returning rally veterans of yore Bob Martin and Jim Kloosterman. This’ll be another contest to watch through the rally.

We’ve got novices turning in some pretty respectable scores, led by Andrew Bockheim and Koressa Bockheim with only 103.5 points, an average of just over 10 seconds off per control for the 10 controls. Pretty stinkin’ good!