Final changes to the 2020 Solo Schedule

EDIT: The changes are now official. The Solo Schedule and the MSR online registration pages have now been updated.

I appreciate everyone’s patience on this, as things have been in flux as we adapt to government mandates, the concerns of our event sites, and the new 2020 National Solo schedule. In the interest of giving folks planning their summer as much heads up as possible, here’s what is tentatively changing on the 2020 DRSCCA Solo schedule.

  • 6/26 to 6/28 DRSCCA Test and Tune at Oscoda
  • 7/5 DRSCCA Solo at Schoolcraft: no change
  • 7/25 to 7/26 DRSCCA After the Fireworks Solo at Oscoda
  • 7/31 to 8/2 SCCA Oscoda Pro Solo: no change
  • 8/9 DRSCCA Dog Daze Solo at Schoolcraft: no change
  • 8/22 to 8/23 Before Nationals GLSS Solo at Oscoda: no change
  • 9/20 DRSCCA Fall into Autumn Solo at Schoolcraft: no change
  • 10/4 DRSCCA Autumn Colors Solo at Schoolcraft: no change
  • 10/18 DRSCCA Season Ender at MIS: no change

I hope to have the dates in Oscoda confirmed by the end of the week. Thanks once again for your patience, and if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with me at

John Li
Solo Director