New RallyCross Venue Aquired

Detroit Region SCCA is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new RallyCross site.

Greetings RallyCross fans! We have some absolutely fantastic news to share about our RallyCross program. In early February, our site acquisition team paid a visit to Milan Dragway in Milan, MI to survey a pair of potential course layouts. After looking over the surfaces and speaking with site management, we decided to hold a private test day with a small group of core personnel to evaluate surface degradation, safety concerns, and any logistical challenges at the site. I am elated to say the test day was a complete success and as a result, we have gained two new RallyCross courses, both of which are located at Milan Dragway!

The first course that was tested and approved was a mixed surface course at the north end of the property. Due to a rules change several years ago, it is possible to host events with pavement and dirt under a RallyCross sanction as long as the course is no more than 49% paved. This mixed surface course is almost exactly half paved and half dirt and based around an existing road course on the property. The road course was installed by a tier one supplier several years ago, but has not been used consistently for some time. It is an asphalt road with serrated cement curbs on the apexes and flanked by grass. This course will utilize that section and a small grass field on the other side of the drag strip to ensure we adhere to the 49% requirement.

The surface in the field is a very loose/sandy dirt that does tear up, but “spreads” more than it ruts. There are some bumps that we will work with site ownership to smooth out so low-slung cars aren’t bashing bumper covers. But overall it’s very suitable for our needs and site ownership doesn’t mind us tearing it up. Based on our runs last weekend, the course will be 70-80 seconds long. Take a look at the in-car video from Scott Banes for a preview of the mixed surface section.

The second course that was tested and approved is a field on the south side of the property (just the other side of Snell road). This field is slightly larger than the one at Crystal Motor Speedway (it is not quite as wide across, it is a couple hundred feet longer). The surface composition is a mix of the same sandy/loose dirt as the grass field for the mixed surface course as well as a significant amount of gravel/chipped asphalt. The field is surprisingly smooth, though there are a few lumpy sections and low spots we will work with site ownership to smooth out.

The mix of surfaces on the field make for a very unique surface as the sandy/loose dirt does not offer a lot of traction, but the gravel does. The bad news about the gravel/asphalt chip on this course is that the spray from your tires will take a toll on the underside of your chassis. It won’t Swiss cheese your rockers after one run, but expect to see a dent or two in your wheel wells if your car does not have any under body protection. The good news is that because of the sandy dirt/gravel composition, the field should drain very well after rain. This course should offer runs in the 55-60 second range. See Scott Banes’s in-car video from the field for a preview.


Overall, we were very pleased with how the test went last weekend. Both courses provide a great mix of speed, technical challenges, and unique surfaces. I expect the mixed surface section especially will be a fan favorite as we are one of very few regions able to offer this type of course in an SCCA RallyCross program. Site ownership has also been great to work with so far and we are very optimistic about holding events at the site going forward. Event dates for this site will be posted along with the rest of the 2020 calendar later this week.

I’d like to thank Erika & Scott Westfall, Sean Grogan, Tristan Koivisto, Greg Mercier, Jon Armstrong, Dan Hutchinson, Burke Davis, Emily & Jon Yanca, and Scott Banes for their help participating in the test day as well as Ken Wiedbusch for his assistance with equipment and John Li for photographing the event for us. The acquisition of this site is a major win for the program and I’m very excited to bring bring whole group out to experience it.

-Matt Wolfe

Detroit SCCA RallyCross Director