2020 RallyCross Reserved Numbers

For 2020, our RallyCross program has overhauled our reserved number system.

In the past, anyone who selected a number automatically had that number reserved in the RallyCross number pool in MotorsportReg. This meant that many numbers were reserved by folks who only raced once with us and that numbers were still reserved for competitors who had not participated in a very long time. All of which made it very difficult for new participants or out of town competitors to find a number that wasn’t taken.

To rectify this issue, we have revised our RallyCross reserved number system for 2020. Starting this year, numbers can be reserved through MSR voluntarily via this page. It costs $1 to reserve a number which covers the regions MotorsportReg fees. Numbers are reserved on an annual basis and can be reserved at any time during the year. At the end of the year, we will purge the reserved numbers and start over from scratch, meaning you will have to reserve your number again at the start of the new year. Reserved number registration will open on January 1st of the upcoming year.

We hope this change will make life easier for new participants and veteran ones alike. For any questions or issues regarding the reserved number system, email RallyCross director Matt Wolfe at lonewolfe171@gmail.com.