Day/Night Divisional RallyCross Cancelled

Due to inclement weather conditions, we have been forced to cancel our day/night Divisional RallyCross at Oakshade Raceway in Wauseon, Ohio.


Good afternoon everyone,

This morning, I received the call from the ownership at Oakshade Raceway that was afraid I would get. This early November snowstorm combined with some rain has left a significant amount of moisture inside the bowl. Due to the below-freezing temperatures, the raceway had to shut down their pumps which keep water from collecting in and around the infield. With no way to pump out the track, ownership has said that there’s no way they could host us this weekend.

There also does not appear to be any way to salvage the event via a reschedule. At this point, Oakshade is shut down for the winter and there’s no site available to us that is capable of hosting this event in terms of space or site conditions. I wish I had a different answer, but we’re really out of options. The weather has not been a friend of RallyCross here or anywhere this year and its very frustrating to miss out on so much fun due to fickle weather.

We are still planning to host our season-ender RallyCross in December at Thistle Hill farm in South Lyon, MI. Registration will be up for that event this week and will open on Monday, November 19.

-Matt Wolfe, Detroit SCCA RallyCross Director