Feedback Requested: Detroit SCCA RallyCross Supplemental Regulations

From RallyCross Director Matt Wolfe:

Hello to all our RallyCross participants! We are seeking your input on a very important document for our RallyCross program. As our program has grown over the past decade, we have instituted various rules and procedures to help our events run safely and efficiently.  However, we have not published an official document that establishes out any of these rules or practices so that we can provide competitors to an official resource should they have questions about our events.

We have now drafted a document that will accomplish this task. Below you will find a draft of our proposed supplemental regulations for Detroit SCCA RallyCross events. We are seeking member feedback on this document before we finalize any of it’s contents. This document will be shared to the official Detroit SCCA Facebook group for member comments and feedback. If you are not on Facebook, you can also send you feedback to me directly at

Thank you for your input and see you at the next event!


Detroit SCCA RallyCross Supplemental Regs Draft