Round 3 of 2018 Great Lakes Division RallyCross Championship Cancelled

Due to site conditions following the rain last weekend, the final round of theĀ  2018 Great Lakes Division RallyCross championship has been canceled.

After examining the site this morning and discussing the conditions with ownership, it was determined that the site would not be suitable for competition.

Though the upper layer of the surface had frozen, there was significant moisture and mud under the frozen layer. Additionally, most of the infield was underwater and there were semi frozen puddles in the surrounding outfield as well as significant standing water that had frozen.

The conditions left only the bowl and partially a small portion of the infield as potentially suitable. However, if cars were to run on the surface and break through the frozen layer, the surface would have degraded and become a muddy mess very quickly.

Given that our only course options would have resulted in courses that were 30 seconds or less with no guarantee that the surface would hold, the decision was made to cancel the event rather than hold a substandard one.

Full refunds will be issued for all those who were registered. Registration will be published for our 2019 season opener RallyCross on Monday, December 10 at 9 pm. We apologize for any inconveniences.