Workers Needed: 2019 Sno*Drift Rally

We’re looking for a few good workers!  It’s time to sign up to volunteer at the 2019 Sno*Drift Rally. The dates are Friday and Saturday, January 25-26. We are looking for help with HAM radio operators, marshals, control workers, medical/first responders and tech inspection.  It is your opportunity to get close to the action.

There have been some changes for Sno*Drift recently but it is the same organizing group. We are now the first national event in the American Rally Association’s National Championship Series and part of the ARA East Regional Championship.

Along with this change is the move to a new and improved worker registration process. Please go to and sign up.

Feel free to email to reach out with any questions for volunteering for the upcoming event.

We appreciate your support; this rally couldn’t happen without your help.

Thank you!
Sno*Drift Organizing Committee

Photo: Turbo Tara Media