Registration Open for Autocross School

Detroit Region SCCA is excited to announce the return of its Autocross School!

Our autocross school is tailored to provide novice autocross drivers with two years or less of experience with instruction an opportunity to hone their skills behind the wheel.There is a classroom session on Friday, April 13th that covers the basics of event operations, safety considerations, and car control basics. The next day, Saturday April 14th, students will be paired up with instructors to practice and develop their driving skills for the entire day. Lunch will be provided.

Cost of the school is $65 for SCCA members, and $75 for non-members. Registration is limited to 60 students.
In addition to the drivers school, we are also offering a safety steward class. If you’d like to become a solo safety steward, would like to renew your solo safety steward credentials, or would like to become a junior kart steward (which has new requirements that go into effect this year), there is a classroom session on Friday, April 13th.

Those who complete the class may elect to work as deputy safety stewards for the Solo School drivers school and the Season Opener autocross and fulfill their provisional safety steward requirements in one weekend; the Region can complete the paperwork and send it off for sign-off at the end of the weekend, making it possible for new safety stewards to become fully credentialed after a single weekend.

The cost of the safety steward class is free. You must be an SCCA member to take part in the class.

Registration is open and can be found online at: