Nominees Sought for Autocross Director

As many members of Detroit Region SCCA are aware, our current Autocross Director, Jeremiah Mauricio, has encountered some unforeseen medical issues within his family and will no longer be able to fulfill his duties as the director of our Autocross program.

Mauricio made his situation known in a recent post in the Detroit SCCA Autocross Facebook group.

“In the previous weeks my wife was diagnosed with a heart condition. Combined with insomnia, anxiety and depression she has been unable to drive or do most basic things around the house. Though we are hopeful that we will return to our previous normal life, that is not currently perceivable in her treatments and medical tests in the near future. For this reason, I don’t see how I will be able to attend the board meetings, or any of our autocross events. For this reason, I have requested the board find a replacement with the time, energy and willingness to take over for me. I will continue to help setup the season and events as I can do that over the phone and online. I will also help close out events as much as I can. Anyone interested in the position and would like to discuss with me let me know. I will fill in until a candidate can be approved by the board but I will not be able to fulfill my full duties.”

As such, Detroit Region SCCA’s Board of Directors is seeking nominees to take over as director of our Autocross program for the duration of 2018. Though we would prefer a candidate that has previous experience in organizing Autocross events, this is not an absolute requirement. Jeremiah has stated that he is more than willing to provide training and assistance to the individual who is willing to take on this responsibility.

Anyone who is interested in submitting their candidacy for this position should contact Region Executive Frank Putnam via email at

Additionally, we are also seeking volunteers for this year in the following positions at our 2018 Autocross events:

Event Chairmen

Timing Chiefs

Equipment Handlers

*Safety Stewards for Jr. Karts

*Training is available for safety stewards at Spring Training in Findley, Ohio on Saturday, March 10. DRSCCA will pay the registration fee for all who enter.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these position please email Jeremiah at