2017 RallyCross Champions Crowned

The winners of the 2017 Detroit Region SCCA RallyCross Championships presented by Thayer Automotive have been decided.

Scroll down to see our 2017 class champions and trophy winners. Thank you to everyone who participated in our RallyCross championship series last year. We would also like to thank Thayer Automotive in Livonia, MI for their continued support of our RallyCross championship. We hope to see you all again in 2018!

Click the following link to see the final points from 2017: 2017 Detroit Region SCCA RallyCross Points

2017 Detroit Region SCCA RallyCross Championship Results presented by Thayer Automotive

Stock Rear

Jeremiah Packham               1st            Lexus IS300

Jared Kreft                            2nd           Toyota Celica Supra

Greg Elhart                            3rd           BMW 325i

Stock Front

Matt Wolfe                            1st            Ford Escort GT

Jonathon Rogers                  2nd           Dodge Neon ACR

Stock All

Burke Davis                           1st            Mitsubishi Evolution

Eric Anderson                       2nd           Toyota RAV4

Adam Spieszny                     3rd           Eagle Talon Tsi

Prepared Rear

No Qualified Entrants

Prepared Front

Non-member                        1st            Mazda Protégé 5

Alan Lockwood                     2nd           Chevrolet Cavalier

Prepared All

Nathaniel Muncie                1st            Mitsubishi Evolution

Tristan Koivisto                     2nd           Subaru Impreza WRX

Modified Rear

Sean Murphy                        1st            Toyota MR2

Jon Armstrong                      2nd           Mazda Miata

Sean Grogan                         3rd           Toyota MR2

Scott Beute                           4th           Ford Mustang

Modified Front

Douglas Harvey                    1st            Dodge Neon

Daniel Hutchison                  2nd           Honda Civic

Jon Jareo                               3rd           Mini Cooper S

Mohammad Salehi               4th           Ford Focus

Modified All

Jon Trudeau                          1st            Mitsubishi Evolution

Scott Westfall                       2nd           Subaru Impreza WRX