MI November Weather Greets Pavement Ends Competitors

Saturday, November 18 saw 17 teams compete in Pavement Ends, DR SCCA’s last TSD road rally for the season. Competitors rallied in a variety of Michigan November weather conditions, including rain, mist, fog and even some heavy snow showers  Despite the wet weather the roads held up well, with mileaging being surprisingly consistent – especially so since rallymaster John Kytasty mileaged the route in dry conditions.

Equipped class team John Fishbeck and Laurie Dawson pulled out the win in class and overall with just 10 points for 16 controls. Bruce Fisher and Tom Woodside took limited class honors. Relative newcomers Ryan Vindua and Tristan Koivisto performed well to take stock class, beating out veterans Jennifer Glass and Brian Thorpe by 8 points with an excellent stock class score of 84. Novice class provided a strong showing in the entry list, with fully 9 of the 17 entries novice teams. Novices Levi Godin and John Houghton pulled off the class win with a very respectable score of 338.

A more detailed write up is available over in the message forum – click here to read the post . And you can click here to view the full results..