Registration Open for the 68th Press-on-Regardless Rally

Registration has been opened for the 68th running of the famous Press-on-Regardless Rally in northern-Michigan.

POR is the oldest continuously run rally in North America. The first rally took place in 1949 as a 24-hour Time-Speed-Distance rally, which was won by Vincent and Louise Gardner in a 1949 Studebaker Special 2-seater. In 1969, the POR became a stage rally and in 1972, the event became part of the International Championship for Manufacturers. For 1973 and 1974, POR became part of  the World Rally Championship. However, 1975 would be the last year the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) sanctioned POR.

After the FIA’s departure, the Sports Car Club of America took over the sanctioning of POR as a stage rally from 1976 to 1993. The Detroit Region SCCA discontinued the stage rally format of POR in 1994 due to the travel and expenses involved in putting on such an event so far outside the region.  The stage rally format continued under the new name of the Lake Superior Performance Rally which was organized by the Lake Superior Region of SCCA. Today, POR is the crown jewel of DRSCCA’s road rally series that competitors from all over the country continue to turn out for.

Competitors can choose to run the full POR or the first half FPOR. Points awarded separately for each half of POR, each rally counts toward the National Road Rally Tour Championship, the Great Lakes Division and Detroit Region series. This event is not a car breaker, but vehicles with low ground clearance are not recommended! Your car should be in good working order if you plan to compete. The roads are fun and challenging, but are a true test the car, driver, and navigator.

Online Registration can be found on here:

Rally HQ: Quality Inn, 137 West St, Gaylord, MI 49735. (989) 732-7541.
Mention Detroit Region SCCA, Press On Regardless® when making reservations.

Event Schedule:
10:00-10:45 AM – Registration
10:45 AM – Safety Meeting
11:31 AM – First Car Out (POR®/FPOR)
7:15 PM – First Car Finishes (FPOR)
1:45 AM (Sun) – First Car Finishes (POR®)
2:30 AM (Sun) – Awards

Entry fees:
POR® – $130
FPOR – $60
Late registration add $10 (after September 4th)
Weekend membership (where both competitors are not SCCA members) add $5 per car