Rescheduled Rally School Presses On

After the unfortunate cancellation of the originally scheduled March 18th TSD rally school at CJ’s Lounge in Whitmore Lake due to weather and power issues, the rescheduled school was a fine success. Eighteen prospective rallyists came on a charming early spring day with clear skies and sunshine to learn the fundamental of time-speed-distance (TSD) road rallying. Several teams indicated they’ll be showing up for Twilight Tour on April 22nd!

We saw a first in my time running the rally school; we scored the second practice rally so folks can have a chance to check out their newly acquired time calculating and driving skills. Two teams, Matthew Rebandt/Samantha Ostrovsky (pictured right) and Brinton Mooberry/Van Blanca, tied for the best showing with Rebandt/Ostrovsky taking the tiebreaker for the win! 44 points for 3 controls – an average of 15 hundredths of a minute, or 9 seconds, was their difference between actual time and the rallymaster calculated perfect time per control! Outstanding performance!

An additional 3 teams came in with final scores of under a 100 points, for a total of 5 teams coming in an average of 20 seconds or less per control within perfect time. We’re believin’ these folks learned something at the school!

We hope all who came enjoyed the class and left with a basic grasp of how to compete in a Detroit Region TSD road rally. And thanks to the DRSCCA volunteers who showed up to help with putting on the school!

-John Fishbeck, DRSCCA Rally Director