Road Rally School Postponed

Regrettably today’s TSD Road Rally school had to be cancelled (hopefully just postponed). The WX was bad enough (nasty, wet, very slippery snow), but apparently someone slid off and took out a pole holding a power transformer, causing a power outage throughout the Whitmore Lake area. Since CJ’s Lounge has no exterior windows this means that it was pitch black inside, which is clearly not conducive to conducting the classroom portions of the school! Even if the personnel there were inclined to open for business, which they were not, since there were no lights, no functioning kitchen, NO COFFEE!

I’ll now need to figure out how to proceed from here. Hopefully I can reschedule for another date still in advance of April 22’s Twilight Tour rally. I’ll work with DR SCCA’s registrar par excellence Mary Shiloff to figure out how reschedule the event (if we can do so), and refund entry fees as necessary to those who were registered for the school today, either because we can’t come up with a suitable reschedule date or because folks can’t make the rescheduled date if we pull it off.

My sincere regrets for the inconvenience and disappointment. But sometimes the fates intervene against us mere mortals.

John Fishbeck

Rally School Chairman