2017 RoadRally season kicks off with Son of Sno*Drift XIX!

Detroit Region’s 2017 RoadRally season kicks off with the 19th running of Scott Harvey Jr’s perennially popular Son of Sno*Drift on Saturday, January 14. This rally is always an entertaining event, with the weather ever a wild card. We’ve seen inches of snow, skating rink ice, snotty mud, and sometimes combinations of all of those.

Son of Sno*Drift is a novice friendly event. The route instructions are mileaged at every instruction and include tulip diagrams of intersections to make navigating the route easier. Speeds over the many tasty back roads of south central lower Michgan are brisk enough to be entertaining while still being sane and legal.

Come on out and discover why this rally is one of Detroit Region rallyists’ favorites.