Getting New Racers to Gingerman

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Getting New Racers to Gingerman

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As many of you know, SCCA Regional Racing is struggling to attract new racers. We (SBR/INR) are trying something new on May 9th and we need your help spreading the word. It's a one day event and consists of two parts; none of which require a SCCA Competition License.

Track Event-think re-branded SCCA PDX. Open to street cars and race cars with fenders.

Endurance Race. We will be using SCCA Club Racing Experience(CRE) rules which do not require a competition license. We will coach them up! We have two 1-hour races and drivers can compete as a team or as an individual. We will have classes for SRF/SM and 2-3 Bracket Classes.

All drivers will fill out a SCCA "Track Participation Log" and this may be a pathway to earning a full SCCA Competition License.

If you know anybody that is considering road racing, please direct them to our website. We all need new SCCA racers!
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