Two Subaru Foresters FS! (1 SOLD). ONE LEFT! **FREE**

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Two Subaru Foresters FS! (1 SOLD). ONE LEFT! **FREE**

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I'll be sending the car to the scrapper the week of the 27th.

Now or never if you have any interest at all.

Take the whole car and it is FREE.

Take parts off of it, and you will pay a cheap but fair price for them.

Doesn't get much simpler than that!


The running '99 went a long time ago, and the buyer said that he and his bud wanted the parts car too.

But that never happened, and the car is still at my place.

Time for it to go.

Whoever wants it, come and get it.

2003 (I think) Forester. Crashed LF. Automatic trans.

Tons of good parts. Some were scavenged for the '99, including the engine.
The old '99 engine, still in longblock form, is in the hatch of this one.

3 decent tires. Good seats.

No title. Was bought for parts as a non-repairable. (It could be resurrected, but why?)

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BTW, if you call, you must leave a message. Get a ton of spam calls, and I don't answer those not in my contacts. Four today (Weds) from 248, no messages.

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