G.T. 500CR Classic Shelby Mustang

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G.T. 500CR Classic Shelby Mustang

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Here's the G.T. 500CR Classic Shelby Mustang I found.


The donor vehicle gives the aesthetic of Shelby’s prized pony, but is combined with modern enhancements and components. It has the new version that features a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission. They want to retain an astounding performance so they put Baer brakes, Be Cool aluminum crossflow radiator, rack and pinion steering. and Nitto tires.

For the interior:
woodgrain aluminum steering wheel, 1967 dashboard (signed by Carroll Shelby), Carroll Shelby Signature gauges, and Carroll Shelby Scat Rally Series 1000 seats (with five point Camlock seatbelts), are juxtaposed with optional GPS tracking, a flip screen with DVD display, a 4-channel amplifier and coaxial speakers from Stillwater Designs, and a Pioneer CD player.

Source: http://robbreport.com/motors/cars/g-t-5 ... g-2768136/
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Re: G.T. 500CR Classic Shelby Mustang

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Did you buy it? Come autox or rally with us. Check the event calendar.
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