OT Employment Opportunity. OT Withdrawn For the Forseeable Future. Thanks, Corona virus.

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OT Employment Opportunity. OT Withdrawn For the Forseeable Future. Thanks, Corona virus.

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Seriously, COVID-19
Buzz off. :evil:

I don't know where else to post this. I know of a part-time position which is open. Mostly single vehicle transport.
90% new cars or trucks, broad spectrum of brands. Two trucks, (third one ordered) EDIT: The new truck is here!
We now have a 2011 Chevy Silverado 3500 dually, std. cab longbed gas. And a 2016 Ram 3500 Limited, Cummins,
single rear wheels, 4-door short bed. And.... a 2020 GMC 3500 4-door longbed, Duramax, dually. Great Trucks!

There are three trailers, of which one is a 24' Featherlite enclosed, one is a custom made 25' bumper-pull which can
carry virtually any pickup truck, and the third is a 36' gooseneck for two cars. All are newer, aluminum construction.

Perfect work for a retired racer who wants to keep busy a few days a week. Top physical condition is not a requirement, lol.
But climbing in and out of cars in the Featherlite trailer can be challenging, depending on the car. 911's are tough. :lol:

Trailering experience is required.

DOT Medical card will be needed, and a Chauffeur's license. Both can be obtained easily if not currently held.
Logbooks are easy, and used for long-distance hauling only. As the business picks up and more hours are spent doing
interstate towing, likely that electronic logs will be phased in.

Troy area, off of Maple, E of Crooks.

Please contact me via DM or email alandotsheidleratgmail

Alan Sheidler

Really, Not One inquiry?

The economy really must be good!

This opportunity is still open. Who knows what will happen in the near future with this virus thing.
If things get very slow for a while I'll pull this and maybe reinsert it later.
I posted and modified this hoping to give someone wanting to keep a bit busy and earn some $
a chance to do some interesting work. We have one candidate now who came in via a different
venue, we'll see how that works out. Ultimately, I think we'll need three of us doing trailering.

This is "on demand" work. For each of an earlier two weeks, I was only on for 14 hours.
This past week, I worked over 50. The guy who currently shares the transporting with me will be
retiring/moving, so the company needs someone else to step in so that we can cover all
the time and transports. One person can easily be overstretched, and we all need time off.

Local trips are the most common, but there are overnights for dealer trades or purchases that are
too far to make in one day. The furthest I have been so far is central Florida. My co-worker has
been to Texas. Three nights, 4 days of driving. Satellite radio makes for an easy cruise.
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