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Timing and Scoring Group

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Hey Detroit Region Autocrossers, would you like to be a part of the Timing & Scoring group? We would like to establish a “Core” group of 12 to 16 people that we can count on at every event working on T&S. The intent is that this group will help with the following:
1. Reduce changeover losses between heats
2. Learn to troubleshoot the T&S system
3. Train other participants interested in learning T&S
4. Ultimately, help create a better experience for all and hopefully………more runs for all event participants.
If you have experience with T&S under your belt please send me (Aldo Parodi) a note about wanting to be a part of this group, here’s the plan:
1. If you’re attending the event and you want to help with T&S that will be your Work Assignment
2. Prior to the start of the event we will setup T&S teams allocated to each Heat
3. We will try to make it so that each team member’s car class does not conflict with each other, meaning having all 12 or 16 T&S team members run during the same Heat.
If you would like to gain some experience with T&S come out this Saturday during the Solo School and you will have a chance to learn the system without the pressure you would normally be under during an event. Please sign up in MSR and let Aldo Parodi know you’re interested in participating on Saturday starting at noon up to the end of the School.

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