Longacre DXI Pro Scales

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Shawn Alexander
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Longacre DXI Pro Scales

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From Longacre's website:

Professional Model
This Professional model shows all 4 wheel weights on separated displays for easiest viewing. Also shows ALL partial % and weights on a separate 4 line display that can be easily customized to your preferences. An easy-to-use Memory stores 8 setups with instant recall. The Premium Yellow cables come with billet connectors and locking rings.
Fully Machined CNC Pads
Longacre scale pads have elaborate computer designed internal strengthening ribs for maximum rigidity. These new pads are fully CNC machined to a dead flat mirror finish - within just .005"

LMF™ - Liquid Metal Forging
Most of our scale pads are produced by this new state-of-the-art process that gives high material strength plus allows intricate internal ribs that give you as ridid a pad as possible for the most accurate weights.

Simple to Use
This is the easiest system to use. Just set it up and turn it on. Everything is displayed at the same time in a logical, simple-to-understand format. No complicated instructions to remember, no overcrowded display with too much information crammed into too small a space.

Low Power Consumption
This system runs on 2 9-volt batteries (included). The advanced electronics used here consume so little power that this system should run for 1 year or more in normal use before replacement. No recharger is needed. An accurate Low Battery indicator gives you plenty of warning when replacements are due.

Latest Electronic Stabilized Readings
Numbers don't jump around - accurate weights guaranteed!
The newest scale systems are amazingly sensitive. The load cells can detect fractions of a pound. This sensitivity can cause the readout to jump around slightly due to air movement across the body and even people working nearby.

To assure that you get the most accurate, reliable readings possible we have developed special electronic stabilization circuitry for this model. It uses the latest 24-bit ADC converter (most other scales use 14-bit) and special proprietary software that averages many readings to filter out small short-duration spikes. The result is a rock steady reading with little or no jitter. The weights you get are accurate, consistant and repeatable, giving you the most accurate settings possible to keep you running up front. Because of this stabilization the display update rate may be slightly slower than previous scale systems.

Premium Yellow cables and luggage grade silver carrying case
4 individual wheel weight displays
Large 4 line display for all partial % and weights easily customized to your preferences
Instant recall Memory for 8 complete setups
4 Fully CNC Machined 15" low profile scale pads with handles and recessed connectors - 1500 lbs per pad capacity
Advanced low power consumption electronics run on 2 9-volt batteries (included)
Control box includes the latest stabilization circuitry - Numbers won't jump around!

These retail for $1500 on Jegs.com, come get them from me for $1000

Shawn Alexander
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Shawn Alexander
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Re: Longacre DXI Pro Scales

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